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AGE TECHNOLOGY backs you up

Our services and applications are designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and use cases.

AGE EV Battery
(BP-14014L & BP-14028L)

AGE batteries utilize LG official 18650 battery cells and feature an extensive battery management system that has been CNS-15387 verified.


Electric Bike/Scooter Battery

Internet of Things

  • Embedded BMS + NB-IOT module gives  you full control over the battery through cloud service

Car Level Safety

  • Fully customized battery management system that regulates power consumption and ensures your safety with Dual Computing System

Airtight Aluminum Casting

  • Guaranteed stiffness and air tightness made of 5mm aluminum casting to withstand 10,000 kg crush test

Energile Platform

  • Provide easy and seamless access to battery data through APls on any open platform

City Smart Pole, Traffic Light Application

We offer a tailored battery management and power control system that seamlessly integrates with our client's infrastructure to provide reliable power backup for smart poles and traffic lights.

AGE Battery  and Power Control Unit are located inside the compartment

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 15.23.32.png


AGE PowerONE utilizes official LG 18650 battery cells and are equipped with a robust battery management system that has been verified with CNS-15387 standards to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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Solar & Power Back-up Solution for Construction Site

Our system seamlessly integrates with solar technology, allowing for energy to be generated during the day and stored for use as a reliable power backup at night.

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AC Power Back-up Solution on Campus

Our Customized Energy Storage System offers a range of features, including: 

  1. real-time monitoring and control capabilities

  2. user-friendly scan-to-pay functionality

  3. reliable power backup for AC devices

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AGE Full-stack Solution

Battery Pack or Module

We help our customers design battery packs compatible with their products and comply with local laws and regulations.


We are expereinced in CNS, IEC, UL, ... etc certification process. 

Battery Management System

We customize battery management system of your needs in terms of safty. Customers can define their own requirements.


We also build communication between the battery and customer's devices.

Integrated Power Control Unit

We provide comprehensive energy storage solution for a variety of user scenarios, including: household, multi-family or apartment, construction side, manufacturing factory, power plant, smart poles, ... etc. 

Battery Cloud Platform

We offer design consulting services for battery back, battery management system, and system integration. 


We aim work with customers to advance the development.

AGE Customization Solution Procedure

01 Project Definition 

02 System Design and Integration

03 Solution Proposal

04 Installation and Testing

05 Education, Service, and Warranty

Determine the specific needs of the battery in terms of voltage, capacity, physical, dimensions, environment, and other factors that may impact battery performance.

Determine the optimal configuration of battery cells to meet the desired voltage, capacity and the thermal management requirements.

Propose the project scope and discuss about: project timeline, overall budget, implementation priority, and maintenance schedule.

After installation, conduct thorough testing and validation to ensure that the battery meets all of the required specifications and safety standards.

Provide continual support, including: customer education, warranty terms, repair request, other after-sale services, ... etc

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